About Özcan Ağaoğlu

"Without passion, one cannot create."

Özcan Ağaoğlu was born in Adana, Turkey. He is a graduate of Cukurova University Faculty of Education, Department of English Language and Literature. Ağaoğlu began his career in photography in 1989. He completed projects in various regions of Anatolia. His photographs have been exhibited in many countries, and published in magazines, newspapers and books. Ağaoğlu has been invited to Italy twice as photographer in residence. In 1993 he held a solo exhibition at Pavia in Italy. Working as a documentary photographer, Ağaoğlu completed his five-year project TRen (TRain) in 2003 with an exhibition and book under the sponsorship of Turkcell. In 2006, he completed his two-year project Sokaklarin Sesi Kuba (Cuba, Sound of the Streets) and produced a book and exhibition with the sponsorship of Leica/Panatel. His Iranabak project has began in 2006 and continued for 4 years. The book has been published by the Foundation of Anatolian Culture. Ağaoğlu currently teaches photography at Cukurova University.