Debbie Does Dallas

Opening Night: 2002-10-29

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-Name Quoter, Publication

  • A theatrical send-up of the infamous 1970's adult movie.
  • Productions in San Francisco and Reno as well as Melbourne, Australia and Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • A film version of Araca's production of Debbie Does Dallas is in developement.

  • Producer,
  • General Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Merchandiser


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This book was conceived with those who live through the night as though it is the beginning of a day.
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Iranabak is a documentary collection, depicting all aspects of life in Iran. The work began on 2006 and continued for 4 years. The book has been published by the foundation of Anatolian Culture. It is 26 x 39 cm in size and includes 109 photographs in 156 pages.

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Sound of Streets, Cuba

The work documenting the lives of Cubans have taken 2 years to complete. The book was published under the sponsorship of Leica/Panatel. Sound of Streets is 25 x 30 cm in size and 160 pages.

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The work documenting the relationship of people with trains took five years to complete. It was published with the sponsorship of Turkcell. TRain is 25 x 26 cm in size and 208 pages.

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